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College Life Made Easy | 5 Massively Helpful Notebooks to Help You Reach Your Goals in 2018

Since we’re all ramping up for a new year and possibly “a new me”, I thought I’d share with you all something that can help you actually accomplish your goals in 2018. Read More.

Honestly Hannah | Scheduling your Life Like a Boss

If you're in college, during the semester most of the information in your planner will probably be school related, so why not get a planner that's perfect for college students? Read more.

Kayla Blogs | Perfect Planners for College Students | 2017 Edition

I’m so beyond proud of how far this post has come and I’m so happy you all enjoy seeing the different planners and my thoughts about each one. Hopefully this post inspires you and helps you pick the PERFECT planner for you! Read more.

Maite Victoria's Best Student Planner for all Ages

Michelle Adams Blog | Ultimate Student Planner from ClassTracker

Hi guys! We have officially made it, yet again, to back-to-school season (!), and I know that my many fellow planner nerds are super excited about picking out their new agenda for this fall. If you’ve been on the hunt and don’t know where to go, or you’re specifically considering the Ultimate Student Planner from ClassTracker, then I’ve got just the post for you.  Read More. 

As Life Grows | My Review of the ClassTracker Planner

Are you trying to choose the right planner for your high school, college, or graduate school career? Well, if you are a no-nonsense person who likes to keep things simple and efficient, then I have the perfect planner for you! Read more.

The Wise Willow | How I Prepared for my Study Abroad

A lot of planning goes into a regular college semester, and even more goes into a semester abroad. More extraneous logistics and details have to be figured out ahead of time, but it’s all more than worth it. I was looking for a new planner to use for this school year, and the ClassTracker planner is the perfect fit. Read more.

Fresh U | This Planner Works Perfectly For A College Lifestyle

It’s a widely known fact that college students’ lives are perpetually busy. It is truly a talent to successfully organize and balance social life, school and other priorities. However, with the help of planners, you can keep yourself from becoming too overwhelmed. The ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner is truly the “ultimate student planner,” allowing for college students to meticulously plan out each day. Read More.

Earn | Spend | Live: ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner Review

The key to a successful educational experience is organization. When it comes to juggling assignments and due dates for multiple classes, the best way to stay organized is by using a planner. The specific demands of classes require very specific features of a student planner. Not many meet the requirements, but the ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner is one of the elite few that does. Read More.

Living the Grey Life | What You Need to Survive the Weekend Coffee Shop Study Session

My most favorite part about school being back in session is spending my entire Saturday and/or Sunday at my local Starbucks. Read More.

Read Study Repeat | ClassTracker Planner Review

A planner is a necessary for staying organized. If you're looking for a planner that will help you stay on top of your school work, then Class Tracker is the right planner for you. Whether you're in middle school, high school or college, Class Tracker will help you succeed academically. Read More.

Macarons & Mascara | 5 Tips for Staying on Top of Assignments + ClassTracker Planner Review

Let’s talk about assignments. I’m pretty sure that every task or obligation related to class I’ve ever had to complete usually involved me complaining about it ad nauseam, but this time, friends, I’m actually here to share some valuable advice with you when it comes to getting your crap done. Read More.

Andacia Kay | Choosing a Planner + Round up

One of my favorite parts of the new school year is deciding which planner I'm going to use. Yes, I'm aware of how nerdy that sounds, but using planners really make me feel like I have my life together. Read More

Being Heather | Planner Review - ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner

This is a great option for high school or college students looking for a simple, affordable, planner to help them keep track of all their school assignments and busy lives. Read More.

Life is Messy and Brilliant | The Best School Planners for 2017-2018

If you want a planner just for school this planner is for you! This planner is simple and elegant at the same time. Read More.

Earn | Spend | Live | The Best Planners for Students

Summer just started, but the race for academic planners is already on. For high school and college students alike, it’s imperative they find a good planner to help them stay on top of assignments, changing class schedules, and extracurricular events. Here are the top academic planners for students. Read More

Cristina Was Here | How to Choose the Best Planner for You

I’ve had a planner every year since the second grade. Maybe it came from a Type-A/perfectionist place at first, but now it’s just something I plain enjoy. I love writing, so list-making, scheduling, and mapping out goals just falls into that pocket of sunshine for me. Read More.

Jordan in Reverie | ClassTracker's "Ultimate Student Planner" 

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, or know me in real life, you’ll know that I am unhealthily obsessed with planners. As in, I know it would be totally inefficient to use more than one planner but I won’t lie, I’ve thought about it. It’s that bad.  Long story short, when Lesley from ClassTracker contacted me and asked if she could send me a planner to try out, you can imagine my reaction… YES!  Read More