Morgan Elizabeth

Welcome to our new series, Meet an Ambassador! We've partnered with students from across the country who are passionate about planning and organization. Meet Morgan Elizabeth, a college student in Virginia studying communications and Christian ministry. Below, Morgan Elizabeth discusses her study tips, self-care tips, and her superhero name.

Morgan Elizabeth

Name: Morgan Elizabeth
Age: 20
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Area of Study: Communications Studies with a Strategic Communications Concentration and Christian Ministry with a Pastoral Care Concentration
Non-Academic Interests: Fitness, faith and fitness coaching, reading, walking, and spending time with friends and family

What's your top study tip? 

I take 18 credits because of double majoring and I’m involved on campus. My biggest study tip is to schedule time to study. I like to do the Pomodoro Technique. During those 25 minutes, I put my phone in another room. Learn how to be focused in whatever area you’re focused on during that moment of the day. If you’re focused on being a student, be a student. If you’re focused on being a friend, be a friend.

What advice would you give to yourself before you began college?

To be present in what’s going on at school and not to rush on to the next thing. College has gone so much faster than expected, I’m already half-way through!

What’s your superpower?

If I was a superhero, my name would be Hype Woman because I love to hype people up. I love to encourage people.

What gets you up in the morning?

I have a huge drive to do things with excellence and to serve those around me. When I wake up in the morning, I think about what I have to do well and make sure that I have enough time for that. Be intentional to do something for someone else, or reach out to someone else.

How do you use your planner and what are your best tips for using your planner?

I use my planner almost always for my academic life. Other things, like my social life, I put in Google Calendar. I like to have a planner that has room for an hourly view so that I can write out my times to study and what I want to complete during that time. I like to color-code. I normally use a black pen and the Stabilo Boss pastel highlighters.

Do you have any self-care tips?

Learn how to make boundaries. Learn how to say no to things. Learn when you’re feeling overwhelmed and maybe not go out with friends. Learn what actually helps you feel relaxed. I like to put on a movie with my roommate and we paint our nails. I also like to go for a walk and listen to music. My self-care activity depends on the kind of overwhelmed that I’m feeling.

Thank you for participating in Meet an Ambassador, Morgan Elizabeth! You can also find Morgan Elizabeth on Instagram. Also, don't forget to check out Morgan Elizabeth's guest blog post on staying healthy in college.