Meet Kayla, a student at UW Parkside studying English Literature


Name: Kayla
Age: 19
School/University: UW Parkside
Area of Study: English Literature
Non-Academic Interests: Reading, Writing, Watching Movies, Traveling

What's your top study tip?

Stay on top of deadlines for papers; turning them in late usually means getting docked a whole letter grade.

What advice would you give to yourself before you began college?

You don't have to know the answer to "What are your plans for the future?" right away. They're always changing!

What’s your superpower?

Typing! I have no idea how to type "correctly," but I can type pretty fast, which helps when you have to write a ten page paper.


What gets you up in the morning?

Coffee for sure. And now I'm always excited to start my English classes, too!

How do you use your planner and what are your best tips for using your planner?

I fill out all of my assignments for the week the weekend before and cross them off as I go. I write down big test dates and due dates as well, and also list what I want to get done over the weekend, too. My biggest tip would be to make use of all of the different sections and fill them up!

Do you have any self-care tips?

Don't be afraid to take a few hours or even a few days off every now and again. Sitting down and watching a show or visiting friends is a huge mental health boost for me.

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