Meet Karen, a student Rice University studying Neuroscience and Pre-Med.



Name: Karen
Age: 20
School/University: Rice University
Area of Study:  Neuroscience/ Pre-med

Non-Academic Interests: Cheerleading, spin-cycling/biking, reading

What's your top study tip?

Use the Pomodoro method! Especially if you have an app on your phone that does the timer. It is a win-win, you are able to focus and study with regular break interval and be free of distractions in the form of phone notifications!

What advice would you give to yourself before you began college?

Study and do what you are passionate about. College is the time for exploration and in most cases sets you up for what you want to do career-wise. It goes by so fast and it is not worth it to stay stuck doing something that you do not like! Major in something that you genuinely find interesting, join clubs that will make you fill fulfilled and make career choices based on what will give you joy..

What’s your superpower?

I would say my superpower is being able to consistently wake up at 7 AM. I love getting a headstart in the day! I will wake up, work out and have some light studying done all before lunch, it's a great feeling!

What gets you up in the morning?

I am motivated by almost everything that I do. After exploring a lot of different subject matter and student organizations during my freshman year, I was able to really figure out what things I enjoy and that I feel contribute the most to my life. Being a pre-medical student who is committed to diversifying the healthcare field, studying the complexities of the brain through neuroscience and expanding my social circle via my favorite student organizations get me going every single day.

How do you use your planner and what are your best tips for using your planner?

I put all major projects/exam in my planner and lay them out so that I can always see what is coming up! This helps me to be able to appropriately allocate time in my weeks to make sure everything is completed in a timely manner. I also love using the self-care corner in the ClassTracker planner because it reminds me to also take breaks and enjoy life outside of work and academics! This is so important.

Do you have any self-care tips?

I am a master planner and plan almost every single event of my life which can sometimes lead to a crowded schedule. One thing I have found useful is leaving blocks of time in my nights open and relaxing instead. This gives me something to look forward to at the end of each day and it gives me time to stop working and just do something that will give me some peace before heading to bed.

Check out Karen's Insta and her blog GPS Needed.