Welcome to our series, Meet an Ambassador! We've partnered with students from across the country who are passionate about planning and organization. Meet Grace, a student in Ohio studying Conservation and Wildlife Biology. Below, Grace shares the importance of speaking up, enjoying college life, and making time for yourself.


Name: Grace
Age: 19
Location: Northeast Ohio, Ohio University
Area of Study: Conservation and Wildlife Biology
Career Goal: Working in a zoo setting or doing conservation biology research
Non-Academic Interests: Baking and cooking, trying new recipes, and making earrings for her Etsy shop

What's your top study tip?

Study with a trusted friend and not someone that you goof around with. Study with someone on the same academic level as you so that you can discover things you don’t know together. I understand things a lot better when I’m studying with someone who’s the same kind of student as myself. It’s really helpful to study with someone who I know and trust and have fun with so that it’s not completely serious. I’m terrible at studying by myself, so it’s nice to joke around with someone while getting stuff done.

What advice would you give to yourself before you began college?

I always read the college blogs and they said to get involved in college activities as soon as you can. I didn’t listen to that advice. If I could go back and listen to that advice, I totally would. I spent the first semester of college seeing how I could set up my schedule, but I should have done more extracurriculars. 

What’s your superpower?

I’ve never been afraid to speak up, whether it’s about really important things like social justice issues or getting to know people. The first week of college, I spoke up in my learning community group chat and I ended up making really good friends. I never would have known about the Class Tracker Ambassador program, but I emailed you guys about a discount and learned about this opportunity. Being able to speak up, especially to build friendships, is my superpower. 

What gets you up in the morning?

I saw once in a post online to treat your life like it’s your own movie and romanticize it. I like to pretend that I’m the typical college student in a fun, cool movie and I try to embrace being a full time student, living on campus, and doing cute things that motivate you to be a good student like getting coffee and hanging out with friends. College is such a short time in your life but one of the best times.

How do you use your planner and what are your best tips for using your planner?

With my planner, at the beginning of every semester during syllabus week I must write down every single thing in my planner. I take one or two hours and write everything down from my classes. When I’m getting closer to things, I write down due dates and assignments. I think some good advice for someone trying to get into your planner is to not be super strict with yourself. It’s okay if you go a week without writing a single thing in your planner, but you can always resume. Forgive yourself for that week that you do nothing. 

Do you have any self-care tips?

I love to spend time with my friends of course, but I think the greatest thing I could do is get a meal by myself and take time to be me. When you live on campus or if you’re in college, there’s a pressure to be fun and active all the time. It’s refreshing to be by yourself and not be that fun person that you introduced to your friends. Take time to be alone and balance that out with time spent with friends.

Thank you for participating in Meet an Ambassador, Grace! Follow Grace on Instagram and be sure to check out her guest blog post on How to be a More Eco-Friendly Student and Staying Sane in Your Dorm Room.