10 High School Graduation Gift Ideas for 2021

Searching for the perfect high school graduation gift? We’ve put together our top 10 graduation gift ideas for high school graduates. Get your graduate off to a great start with our gift ideas below.

A Top-Rated Academic Planner

Class Tracker College Planner



Available in both dated and undated formats, the Class Tracker College Planner is the lightweight, minimalist planner that’s perfect for staying on top of classes, internships, and activities.



A Portable Charger


There’s nothing worse than being halfway across campus when your phone or laptop dies. Gift your graduate a portable charger to keep in their backpack so they’re never in a bind.



Noise Cancelling Headphones




Ideal for tuning out distractions, noise-cancelling headphones are the perfect gift for a high school graduate on their way to college. 






An Electric Kettle




An electric kettle is a lifesaver in college, especially when the dining halls close. Give them some instant mac and cheese, oatmeal, or ramen to go with it for late nights and early mornings.




High School Graduation Gifts For Her

A LapDesk For A Mobile Workspace


Perfect for taking work outside or staying cozy in bed while studying, this lapdesk comes in a bunch of colors and includes pockets for resting devices.



An Instant Camera


It’s not just nostalgia. An instant camera like the Fujifilm Instax Mini is a fun graduation gift idea that will give her photos to decorate her new dorm room.





High School Graduation Gifts For Him

Men’s Toiletry Kit


While college students aren’t exactly known for their hygiene, you can give him a head start with a stylish toiletry kit for ferrying supplies between his dorm and the bathroom. This made in the US brand offers several distinctive color options.




Portable Personal Safe


This affordable small safe is perfect for protecting wallets, small devices, and prescription medications.





A Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Rugged enough to withstand the quad, this portable bluetooth speaker makes a great graduation gift for him. Plus, it comes in multiple colors and it can pair with additional speakers.

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