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ClassTracker was created by Lesley Martin, professional Academic Coach, best-selling author of “Make the Grade,” and former high school teacher. For 20 years, Lesley has coached students on managing their time and workloads. She knows what students need to stay organized and be successful.

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This planner is specifically designed for students, which means we can use the space really efficiently and keep ourselves organized without having to make sacrifices on the layout or our organization style. This planner allows me to keep all aspects of my life organized.

Junior, Wellesley College

My planner helps me to know what my homework is and the activities that I have after school. I never forget to bring some of my school supplies because I always remember what classes I have that day.

Freshman, Palo Alto High School

This planner helps me to keep track of all the different things that I have on my plate. Its layout allows me to see immediately what my schedule is for the day, any important due dates, and my most necessary to-dos. Unlike many other planners it has enough space for all of the different things I write in it, and is also easy to carry around.

Senior, UCLA

“My planner is the perfect size - I love that it is compact and lightweight, but still has plenty of room to write everything I need to in it. The plastic covers keep it from wrinkling in my backpack and I love the simple design. The fact that it includes so many different elements and space (to do list, class schedule, activities, etc.) is amazing and something I have not been able to find in another planner. Overall it is a very effective planner and has all the elements I need in order to organize my life as a busy college student!”

Junior, Rhodes College

This planner helps me stay so organized because I never check my phone calendar, and this is great for planning ahead. Also, it is so satisfying when I cross assignments out. I would definitely recommend this to others because it is better than all other planners I have. There is a space for everything I need, it is perfect!!

Freshman, Branson School

“My planner is easily one of the most important items in my backpack, second only to my computer. I'm a sophomore at USC and it has turned my organization around. As a college student, I am extremely busy with classes, clubs, work and Greek life, as well as the responsibilities that come with apartment living. With the planner, I'm able to catalog all of those responsibilities in an organized and specific fashion. I would seriously recommend it to any college student who plans to get involved.”

Sophomore, University of Southern California

Having a planner helps me keep track of everything I need to do by giving me the ability to write it down and visualize each task. It is a lot harder to manage school, sports, and other activities without a planner that accounts for those parts of my day and being able to have one place to put everything I do in, has helped me stay organized in and outside of class.

Junior, Bay School

“This planner has definitely been the best I’ve had. I like the medium size because it is convenient but spacious enough to fit all the information I need. Also, the layout of the pages is perfectly customized for a college student. The activities area is extremely useful because between playing ultimate, rushing a frat, playing intramurals, and the other clubs I’ve joined, it’s helped me stay on top of things and remember all of my meetings and practices. I think the simplicity of the planner is what makes it so attractive.”

Freshman, California Polytechnic State University